In addition to its pilot and innovative character, the project also includes a set of demonstration solutions which, in the socio-economic scenario in which the project will be implemented, still require broader use.

In this context, we highlight solutions related to adaptation of green areas (including planting of trees and shrubs to increase shadowing and secure an improved adaption to increasingly frequent heat waves), as well as to nature-based solutions (to reduce erosion and increase water retention in face of extreme precipitation events), which are foreseen to improve adaptation and resilience of a significant part of Évora’s green spaces.

These solutions will be performed along the Turgela stream green infrastructure (action C4 in link with the works of action C2) and, at a smaller scale, in the Coronheiras garden (action C5, also benefitting from the pilot isolated systems).

In all, these represent about 16% of the project budget, and will be used for extensive dissemination (e.g through workshops targeting 41 other municipalities) as they should be more widely applied in Portugal.