In addition to the obligatory communications works of any LIFE funded project (web site, information boards and the writing/availability of a layman report), LIFE ÁGUA DA PRATA’s communication plan foresees additional tasks and tools, directed at increasing its communication, engagement and dissemination outputs:

  • promotion of regular contacts with the social media, since the beginning of the project, with the support of the existing communication services from CME, having as main tasks:
    • synthesis and regular review of content, texts and photos for non-technical use;
    • launching of press releases;
    • definition and promotion of visits to project intervention areas directed at journalists;
  • development and maintenance of a facebook page with the aim of maintaining a tighter contact with the local community and as a source for wider dissemination through the social networks;
  • planning and implementation of a set of public annual visits, in collaboration with the local parishes and associations in order to provide to the local resident community a better understanding of the project goals and developments;
  • development of a smartApp, having as basis a citizen science concept and aiming to raise awareness of local community regarding the project problems and solutions and to support monitoring of the project´s impacts, mainly on quality of urban areas, use of water and irrigation, as well as climate outputs.