Despite soft works related with governance, information and sensibilization on climate change are not the main focus of the project, these issues are also given attention to and are part of complementary works, as expected in any LIFE project.

To achieve these objectives, the project integrates, among others, a set of works related to:

  • involvement of stakeholders (including civil society, NGOs and local actors) so that they can participate and actively contribute to specific work, as well as its planning and discussion. To this end, provision is made for the regular operation of management support bodies, including an Advisory Support Board and a Stakeholder Board.
  • regular dissemination of information and citizen involvement in climate adaptation measures in order to achieve better results. In this context, it is foreseen, for example, work aimed at users of urban vegetable gardens to encourage good irrigation practices, as well as at residents, to engage with citizen science solutions aimed at determining micro-climatic conditions where higher levels of shading are expected to exist.