The project delivers a multi-purpose solution that includes complimentary measurable outputs dealing with several other EU policies, like those related to biodiversity conservation, flood risk assessment and mitigation, energy efficiency measures, and, under an innovative perspective for LIFE funding, harmonization with cultural heritage preservation (a constraint that has been highlighted by the European Environmental Agency as critical for implementing climate adaptation in many of EU historical cities).

Being a result from a participated and multidisciplinary approach, the project seeks to deliver a multi-purpose universe of solutions that
improve integration of its specific environmental and/or climate objectives with those of other EU relevant policy areas. Among others, , we highlight:

In all, as outlined under the project’s LIFE Performance indicators, this allows the project outputs to be wide, diverse, and contribute with a synergic view to a set of EU policies, in addition to its direct adaptation outputs, that are in line with the Commission Communication "An EU Strategy on adaptation to climate change".