Implementation actions include tasks directed at solving targeted problems, including work directed at (re)using underground sources for urban green irrigation, improving water use efficiency, integrating climate change adaptation solutions into land use and natural resource management and testing / evaluation of pilot solutions to meet complementary objectives (related to energy efficiency, biodiversity conservation and cultural heritage).

Overall, six implementation actions are foreseen:

  • C1 Cleaning and restoration of underground sources and adaptation of water collection/catchment and transport systems
  • C2 Creation of a separate pilot storage and underground water distribution system
  • C3 Climate adapted irrigation/watering in the north walls´ green areas and in public vegetable gardens
  • C4 Demonstration solutions for adaptation based on the green infrastructure of Turgela stream
  • C5 Test and demonstration of pilot “off-grid” solutions for small urban gardens
  • C6 Replication and Transfer Strategy