LIFE ÁGUA DA PRATA (LIFE17 CCA/PT/000076) team undertakes continuous collaboration with stakeholders that can contribute to the successful implementation of foreseen tasks and duties and help to foster the replication/transfer of the project’s expected results.

Stakeholders (including civil society, NGOs and local actors) are expected to be involved, through contributions along the project development, under specific project management support works (through advisory and stakeholder boards).

The project management specifically foresees the existence and operation of a Stakeholder Board (SB) which will have as main mission to engage local stakeholders with the project, under a participated perspective, allowing to gather local stakeholders´ opinions and proposals and merge them with the project works, so that a tighter link is established with resident population and civil society organizations.

Collaborating with the CME and as permanent members of the SB there will be the local administrations (parishes) that encompass the project intervention areas: Junta de Freguesia de Nossa Senhora da Graça do Divor, Junta de Freguesia de Canaviais, União de Freguesia do Bacelo e Sra. da Saúde and União de Freguesia de Malagueira e Horta das Figueiras. As non-permanent members the SB may rely as well on a set of organizations such as NGOs, residents´ associations, local schools and urban farmers, some of which have already presented their commitment to engage with the board works.