This action E2 aims primarily to promote technical knowledge exchange between the project team and other technical teams dealing with objectives of climate adaptation and mitigation, at a national level.

These works will allow both to know more about other national projects (whose developments, results and lessons learnt can be of use), as well as to foster cooperation and dissemination, by making available to other technicians and organizations information that may be useful for solving similar problems.

To achieve these results, the following activities are foreseen:

  • establish and maintain regular contacts with technical teams from other national projects related to climate change adaptation;
  • organization of a technical workshop aimed at disseminating results during the last semester of the project, with the aim not only for dissemination but also for a strong focus on promoting transfer and/or replication. It is expected to be able to cover with it all the municipalities of CIMAC, as well as those that integrate the network of municipalities that emerged from the Clim.Adapt.Local project,
  • organization of a final conference at the Garcia de Resende municipal theater to be scheduled for the last semester of the project, addressing four main topics: integration of groundwater catchment/use with the preservation of historical heritage; promotion of efficient water use in green infrastructure and public vegetable gardens; adaptation of urban green spaces for adaptation/mitigation; citizen involvement in climate adaptation/mitigation.