The project LIFE ÁGUA DA PRATA seeks to assure climate change adaptation at the local level. More specifically, it aims at implementing a set of measures that were previously identified under the Municipal Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change that has been concluded in 2016.

Based on the above document, Évora municipality presents a high probability of suffering extreme heat waves, drought, as well as an expected accentuated variability on annual rainfall, with events concentrated in short periods of time that will be prone to increase the frequency of floods and the provoke damages to buildings and infrastructures. Also, some of the drainage areas within the urban fabric are not suitable to cope, in future, with the foreseen climate changes.

By considering this risk assessment, the proposed project encompasses the following adaptation actions:

  • re-use of groundwater sources coming from natural springs, to fulfil the irrigation needs of certain areas;
  • promote good practices related to a wider water use efficiency for in what concerns irrigation of leisure areas which are part of the local green infrastructure, urban vegetable gardens and some smaller gardens;
  • last but not the least, disseminate the use of nature-based solutions that seek to adapt urban green areas to other climate change impacts (especially those related to heat waves, and floods).